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April 24, 2015 YWAMtba


Music is a powerful art form and something that helps to shape our culture. Through it, we can reveal God to the world in ways that are unique and creative. We want to raise up an army of musicians and creatives to know God and make Him known through our unique styles and talents.

The heart of our Music & Worship Track is to inspire, champion, and equip those called to create through music. Whether you feel called to minister to the heart of God through worship, or to minister to others by sharing your music with the world, Prayer & Presence DTS will provide you with a foundation on which to build a life with eternal significance.

Our DTS is open to anyone: from those who have just picked up a guitar, to seasoned musicians, worship leaders, and music producers!

Music & Worship Track is right for you if you:

  • Feel called to worship ministry
  • Want to impact the world through music
  • Love to minister to the heart of God through music
  • Are a singer
  • Play a musical instrument
  • Are interested in audio production
  • Have a passion for music
  • Want to learn more about God through the lens of music & worship!

The Music & Worship Discipleship Training School is an experience of a lifetime. Make new friends... Travel the world... Encounter God in a new way... And find purpose as you minister with music.