School of Worship & Prayer


School of Worship & Prayer
May 16, 2018 YWAMtba

School of Worship & Prayer. A YWAM Toowoomba Internship.

What is SWAP?

Gaining a heart of intimacy with God, desiring to be in His presence, and pursuing Him through worship and prayer. This is what SWAP is all about. 

Man participating in a YWAM school of worship


The School of Worship & Prayer (SWAP) is a 3-month, second level YWAM course. It is an internship designed to develop a lifestyle of worship and prayer in the lives of those involved.

SWAP is uniquely designed to create space for intimacy with God through prayer and worship. If you’re looking to go deeper in these areas, then this is the school for you.

Girl praying during a worship time, with the School of Worship and Prayer.

How does SWAP work?

The School of Worship & Prayer functions as a 12-week “Live-Learn” Internship.

During the course, a typical week will involve daily lectures, spending time in The Prayer Room, leading times of prayer and worship, Bible study, local outreach, one-on-ones and small groups, serving the YWAM base, and building friendships. SWAP is a second level YWAM school, which means the only prerequisite for the course is completing a Discipleship Training School.

The School of Worship & Prayer has a uniquely tailored schedule that will help you build effective habits of prayer and worship into your life. 

Lecture topics consist of:


Prayer & Intimacy

Working in Worship Teams

Fear of the Lord

Sustaining a Life w/ God


Leading on Stage


The Heart of David

A crowd praying apart of the YWAM school of worship and prayer

Purpose, Heart, and Vision.

 As a community, we desire to train, equip, and release prayer and worship leaders to the nations. As a result, we value worship and prayer in our daily lives as a community and believe the Lord is raising up a generation through the School of Worship & Prayer that desires to worship Him in spirit and in truth.

The School of Worship & Prayer is a call to those who desire to pursue a lifestyle of more intensive, radical, and focused worship and prayer.


July 22, 2023 – Oct 13, 2023
Jan 27, 2024 – Apr 19, 2024


$4500 AUD

The cost includes tuition, room, board, and meals. Meals with dietary requirements will cost slightly more.

Our School of Worship & Prayer is for you if you:

Desire to grow in your relationship with God

Want to go deeper in worship and prayer

Want greater sustainability in ministry

Are passionate about worship ministry

Feel called to missions

Long to grow in prayer

Students apart of the YWAM school of worship

What will you say “Yes” to today?

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