School of Worship and Prayer

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School of Worship & Prayer
May 16, 2018 YWAMtba

The School of Worship and Prayer is a call to those who desire to pursue a lifestyle of more intensive, radical, and focused worship and prayer.


The School of Worship and Prayer is a 3-month, second level YWAM course. It is an internship designed to develop a lifestyle of Worship and Prayer in the lives of those involved.

The School of Worship and Prayer is uniquely designed to create space for intimacy with God through prayer and worship. If you’re looking to go deeper in these areas, then this is the school for you.

This 3-month experience consists of:

  • Daily lectures to grow in your knowledge and understanding of worship and prayer.
  • Time spent weekly in our Prayer Room to engage in what you’ve learned with God and dive in deeper.
  • Opportunities to lead worship, prayer and intercession times.

Lectures will touch on topics such as:

  • Working in Teams
  • Developing your Music Skills
  • Deepening your Heart for Intercession
  • Being in the Secret Place
  • Leading on Stage
  • Songwriting


As a community, we desire to train, equip, and release prayer and worship leaders to the nations. We value worship and prayer in our daily lives as a community and believe the Lord is raising up a generation that desires to worship Him in spirit and in truth.

The School of Worship and Prayer is a call to those who desire to pursue a lifestyle of more intensive, radical, and focused worship and prayer. It’s for those with a heart to put prayer, worship, and intimacy with the Father at the forefront of their lives. We believe powerful things happen when we set aside a season to focus on God. This school provides a great opportunity to do so.


The School of Worship & Prayer functions as a 12-week “Live-Learn” Internship. Typically, on a regular week (40 hours), there will be:

  • 12 hours of lectures
  • 6 hours in the Prayer Room
  • YWAM Toowoomba Community events
  • Work duties
  • Time for assignments and other school events

Being tailored for this school, the schedule will help you to build effective habits of prayer and worship into your life. The beauty of doing a course like this is the chance to live out what you’re learning in the context of a YWAM community. In this way, it is unique to other courses around the world.


School IntakeSchool Graduation
September 14th, 2019December 6th, 2019
September 12th, 2020December 4th, 2020


Cost: $3980 AUD (approx $2700 USD) – includes: school tuition, room, board and meals.

If you’ve completed your DTS and are looking to spend a short season focusing on God through prayer and worship, come join us!