Insurance Information

for your application

YWAM Australia policy requires that all staff, students and volunteers have appropriate health cover for the duration of their time with us. All students are required to have ‘Health & Travel Insurance’ during their DTS.

We strongly recommend that students purchase Talent Trust’s ‘Outreach Program’. If you are satisfied with the level of cover that they can offer you, DTS students are entitled to receive a 35% ‘Group’ discount off of the Outreach Program insurance package.

In order to receive this discount, visit the link below and click on ‘Enroll Now’. To qualify for the discount, enter YWAM Toowoomba (Australia) under the ‘Church or Mission’s Name’.

You can find out more about Talent Trust and their insurance cover with the link below:

When enrolling for Talent Trust insurance, be sure that your dates of coverage cover you from the date you arrive in Australia until the date you actually leave the country (not the dates of the DTS).

The application will also ask for an outreach location. Please put ‘Australia’ here, as this is the country you’ll be spending the most amount of time in.

If you do not choose Talent Trust, please provide the following information about your insurance provider along with your proof of insurance.

  1. The dates of your cover. It should cover your entire stay. For Australian students, it needs to cover all of overseas outreach.
  2. The amount of coverage. It should cover between 1-5 million dollars or say unlimited coverage for hospital and medical.
  3. What your insurance covers. Your insurance should cover hospital and medical. It would be great if it covered Return of Mortal Remains and Emergency Medical Evaluation as well.
  4. After you send in your proof of insurance and the above information, we may ask for further information or ask you to get your parents to sign a form.