Prayer & Presence Track

Discipleship Training School

Prayer & Presence Track
May 31, 2021 YWAM Admin

Spending time with God in His presence and having Jesus at the centre. The Prayer & Presence Track is hyper focused on relationship with Jesus, the essence of knowing God. As you spend time in prayer and fellowship, you will learn what it means to have Jesus at the foundation of your life, and what it means to make God known to the nations.

Our Prayer & Presence Track is for anyone who is wanting to take their relationship with God more seriously. The Prayer & Presence Track will guide you to setting a firm foundation for a life of ministry, missions, and relationship with God!

Our Prayer & Presence Track is for you if you:

  • want to know how to have a sustainable relationship with God
  • want to build solid friendships
  • want to be effective in ministry
  • want direction for what God is calling you to
  • want to be apart of missions