Purpose, Heart & Vision

The Creative Justice DTS

Purpose, Heart & Vision | Creative Justice DTS
May 8, 2018 YWAMtba

There are amazing opportunities for artists today to have an impact throughout the nations. Our passion and desire is to disciple... equip... empower... and release artists into these opportunities.

The Creative Justice DTS is a 5 month long program created to strengthen your relationship with God while finding purpose in the fields of Creativity & Justice.

This school is open to all artists. Whether it’s music, dance, painting, fine arts, fashion, photography, or filmmaking you love, we have a place for you here! Also, there is no-prerequisite for this school. In other words, you don’t need to complete a ‘regular’ DTS in order to participate in this one.


The core purpose of a Discipleship Training School is to help students gain an understanding about God and His ways. Our mission as YWAM is “To know God and make Him known”. DTS is an opportunity to say “yes” to these things in a deeper way.

In addition, we believe that God wants to raise up creative voices for justice in this generation. We tailor our Creative Justice Schools to focus on these areas throughout the 5 months.

Overall, DTS will strengthen your faith, develop your Christian character, identify your unique gifts and equip you to share the love of God through your creativity. Now, more than ever, it’s an incredible time to be an artist with a calling and a purpose!


The Hebrew word yada means ‘to know by experience’. Our heart for DTS is that students would ‘yada’ God more; to know Him by experiencing Him in new and deeper ways. DTS is about so much more than head knowledge. It’s about knowing God and His love more in order to share that love with those around us.

The heart of our Creative Justice DTS is to inspire, champion, and equip those called to speak up for the voiceless through the creative arts. We believe God loves it when we embrace our creative nature and His heart for justice.  Whether you feel called to educate those around you about social injustices through your art, or bring aid and relief in a creative way to those suffering, DTS will provide you with a foundation on which to build a life with eternal significance.


Justice and Creativity go hand in hand. Creativity brings people together and speaks to our souls. It breaks down barriers and can bring healing to our world. At YWAM Toowoomba, we believe that God has placed creativity in everyone and have a burden on our hearts to not be silent in the face of injustice.

Right here in Toowoomba, we have homelessness, poverty and prostitution on our doorstep. It’s important to us that we are a voice for the voiceless in our own city. We cannot go and help those in other countries before we recognise and face the injustices in our own communities. Our hope as a community is to be a voice to people living in injustice both near and far. As a DTS, we hope to raise up young people eager to use their creativity to inspire change in their spheres of influence.


Our DTS is open to anyone; from those who have just gotten started with art, to seasoned painters, writers, and film producers!

Our Creative Justice DTS is right for you if you:

  • Feel called to educate others about injustice through your art
  • Want to impact the world through creativity
  • Love to minister to the heart of God through art
  • Are a painter
  • Write stories, poetry, or songs
  • Are interested in photography
  • Have a passion for creativity in any medium
  • Want to learn more about God through the lens of creativity & justice!