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May 8, 2018 YWAMtba
  • “From part of October – November of 2016 I was blessed to be apart of an incredible team of individuals from around the world. We had an awe inspiring journey into the nation of Hong Kong. For five and a half weeks we partnered with the YWAM Harbour City and their staff, in order to reach out and better touch the people of HK. Over the course of outreach we would visit various schools and age groups, assisting the students with their school work, while also sharing Christ’s love with each and every one of them through song, testimony, and deed. Some evenings we would help at a tutoring center, also having the opportunity to share many bible stories with the students.

    Through the same program and a few others, we were able to lead kids and youth in programs where we could share biblical lessons, fun songs, and even better friendships. On a different level, we also led worship and prayer at a local event that would reach out to men and women involved with the sex trafficking industry. Overall, outreach was an incredible time of personal growth, developing friendships, and Godly encounters with men, women, and children that will continue to be enriched as they seek God and all he has to offer.”

    ChristianMB, Canada
  • “With heart and mind ready for outreach I boarded a plane travelling to a nation I had never heard of 5 months ago. The whole experience was one I will always remember! In Dili and Bahareduk the contrasting atmospheres were refreshing as we travelled from busy city to quiet village and did varying ministries such as children ministries, prayer walks, working in the village (such as gardening or building blocks for houses) while working alongside 2 other YWAM teams from Dili and Indonesia. The YWAM house in Bahereduk was busy thats for sure but within this small house God was moving in big ways.

    One thing I will always remember is before we left for East Timor we prayed as a group and all got images about rain over the village. As it was the dry season we all thought about spiritual rain but as we were in the village it rained 4 days straight bringing nourishment to the village as well as seeing how well our team bonded with the children we were ministering too and the villagers that we got to pray for. Leaving the village was hard but returning to Dili was rewarding as we got to use our newfound language skills to minister to the children around the base and at a local bakery.

    The time soon ended for East Timor but we headed to Darwin with even bigger hearts for serving then before. We ministered to local Aboriginal communities and helped out around the base for our contact. If there is one thing i would take away from this outreach is that no matter what country you live in, what language you speak or what your culture is we ALL serve and worship the SAME God and it is a beautiful thing to witness and be a part of.”

    KahliaAK, New Zealand
  • “Outreach showed me the incredible need for missions even now, in a culture that seems to think missions is irrelevant. During my time in East Timor, I was able to see a glimpse into the extent of poverty in the world and realized that people are in great need of both evangelical and mercy ministry. There is a world beyond our own crying out for Jesus, whether they recognize it or not and no matter where we are, it is our job to be the hands and feet of Jesus. The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few and if it is not us who will go, even into our own cities, who will?”

    MariahBC, Canada
  • “When my outreach team and I were in Darwin, Australia, we had the privilege of volunteering some of our time at a local soup kitchen. We met people with incredible stories of hardship, loss and grief. One of the directors of the soup kitchen had a particularly rough past. He shared with us how he was on an uphill journey back from decades of drug abuse. He was giving of his time and his heart to help people who are still stuck in the valley.

    I remember that the physical state of the soup kitchen and yard was less than ideal. Myself, and two members of my team got to tackle an overgrown garden. Everything was still there; bricks, stones, plants and little figurines…hidden beneath piles of weeds, needles and garbage. We got to work, thrilled that we had hands to work with and something to recreate.

    When we finished, the director came out to take a look. He was overcome– because a garden in the midst of a battlefield had given him hope. That garden was a picture of peace where there had once been chaos. A symbol of rebirth, and renewal. The same change that he was fighting for– not for his life, alone– but for all those who would seek comfort from the storm in that soup kitchen. Resurrection.
    Through this ministry, the Lord taught me that I should never despise a task that may at first seem tedious, frivolous or a waste of time. God can use anything to get his message of love across. 
And He wants to use you.”

    GenevieveStudent of July Music & Worship DTS 2014
  • “God taught me the power of love in action during my outreach in Thailand. The language barrier was frustrating and hard but God showed Himself even more present despite that. We went to a hospital with one of our contacts and there was a woman there that was alone, left by her husband and no family to take care of her.

    We prayed for her and moved onto the next patient but God tugged my heart to go back and be with that woman. I sat next to her and held her hand. When she realized that I wasn’t leaving, she began to sob and thank me over and over. I’ve never felt the presence of God so thick in my entire life. He showed me that His love goes beyond words and my life will never be the same.”

    JasmineStudent of January Music & Worship DTS 2015
  • “Crossing Cambodia was unlike any other organization I’ve ever had the honor of working with in missions.
    Most organizations love on kids and teach them about Jesus but these people really took on the role of what Jesus should actually look like on this earth. I’ve never experienced Matthew 25:34-40 more richly than when we worked with Crossing Cambodia. The staff devoted their lives, which included their time, money, energy, and hearts, into this place so that street kids could be just that, kids.

    They not only loved these children with everything they had when no one else would but cleaned them, clothed them, fed them, educated them, and on top of all of that taught them about the love of Jesus.

    For 10 hours a day from Monday to Friday these little ones had a place of refuge where they knew they were loved and cared for. The Lord really revealed to me through loving these kids and experiencing life through their eyes that they really are the most important in the kingdom of God (Matthew 18:1-5).

    He is really at work in the children of Cambodia and I’m beyond thankful that I got to witness that first hand!”

    BeccaStudent of January Music & Worship DTS 2015