Outreach Phase

The Creative Justice DTS

Outreach Phase | Creative Justice DTS
May 8, 2018 YWAMtba

An amazing two month cross cultural, missions experience, where you have the opportunity to travel overseas and apply all that you have learnt during the lecture phase.


The Creative Justice DTS involves an 8 week Outreach Phase which comprises of a mixture of ‘Local Outreach’ and also ‘Overseas Outreach’ – an overseas cross cultural, missions experience. During Local & Overseas Outreach, students form ‘Outreach Teams’ that minister and partner with existing Churches and ministries already on the field both locally here in Toowoomba and in overseas nations.


Both Local and Overseas outreach will challenge you to step outside of your comfort zone and explore gifts you never knew you had. During this time, you will gain experience in different areas of missions; whether it be:

  • Ministering with your art form
  • Leading church services
  • Sharing testimonies
  • Displaying your gifts through creative events
  • Doing practical work projects within the community
  • Sharing your faith with others
  • Serving youth ministries
  • Teaching English classes
  • Ministering to the poor and to those in sex-trade areas
  • Caring for orphans.

As with each DTS, the Creative Justice DTS outreach phase will be geared towards ministries with a mercy focus. Both local and overseas will see you working with the poor & needy, and using your voice for those who cannot speak for themselves.

While on Overseas Outreach, aside from the ministry, you will have the opportunity to experience a whole new culture, meet many amazing new people, make international friends, sample the local delicacies, experience the local sights and sounds, travel in ways you never thought possible, and as a team, have a whole lot of fun as you journey together on this overseas adventure.


In Toowoomba, we have some great mercy ministries working hard to reach out to bring about change, and we want to get alongside these existing groups. Ministry opportunities include:

  • Working with the homeless
  • At-risk women and girls
  • Rehab clients
  • Running ‘art awareness’ events
  • Speaking in churches
  • and more!

CAMBODIA OUTREACH – Sex Trade & At Risk Kids Focus

For the Creative Justice DTS, we are currently exploring the possibility of sending an outreach team to Cambodia to focus on ministry within the sex trade and at risk children. We are looking into the possibility of joining a ministry team that focusses on reaching out to women who are being trafficked for sex as 1 of the outreach weeks while in Cambodia. We are also hoping to join Crossing Cambodia, a ministry that provides pre-school for street children.