Lecture Phase

The Creative Justice DTS

Lecture Phase | Creative Justice DTS
May 8, 2018 YWAMtba

The lecture phase is for 3 months and includes topics such as the father heart of God, intercession, relationships, calling, identity & purpose, missions and re-entry for equipping as you head back home to be effective in your community.


During the lecture phase you will be allocated a small group where you will be able to process all that you are learning with your peers and leaders. These small group times provide a wonderful opportunity to talk through the different teaching that you hear during your time in class.

In this open and honest setting, you will often make close friends as you share openly, talk things through and encourage and support one another.

You will also have access to one-on-one sessions with a designated staff leader where you can share more personally and receive the support, encouragement and prayer that will help you to grow.


Speakers from your school will come from the local Christian community, different YWAM ministries in Australia and also from overseas. When selecting speakers for this school, we try our best to chose speakers based on their passion for and understanding of God’s heart for creativity and justice. In this way, the lectures you sit through, although based on the standard DTS curriculum, will be geared in such a way to make it easier for you to relate to, understand and apply in the pursuit of your calling as an artist.


Some of the subjects that you will learn about during the lecture phase include:

  • The Nature & Character of God – Knowing God as a Father
  • Hearing God’s Voice
  • Fear of the Lord & Resisting Temptation
  • Relationships – Forgiveness, Repentance & Conflict Resolution
  • Making Jesus Lord And Surrendering Rights
  • Bible Study
  • Stewardship, Faith And Finances
  • Missions & Sharing Your Faith – Evangelism
  • Intercession
  • Identity in Christ


Although not the focus of the DTS, during the school you will also hear a range of extracurricular topics specific to creativity and justice including:

  • Reaching the lost
  • Identity of the Artist
  • Art in Missions
  • Advocating for the Poor & Needy
  • Bringing Awareness of Issues of Injustice
  • Event Management


By creating a school specifically for those interested in arts and mercy, it also enables us to speak on various related extracurricular topics. These topics include:

  • ‘Artist Advocacy’
  • ‘Art in Missions’
  • ‘Being A Prophet of Culture’
  • ‘Stewardship’
  • ‘The Sex Trade and How To Fight It’.

These typically wouldn’t be covered in a ‘Regular’ DTS. You will also have a chance to hear from artists already fighting to meet needs around the world, whether on the front line or as an advocate.

Please note, although you will have opportunities to learn, create and collaborate with fellow students in your ‘downtime’, the Creative Justice DTS doesn’t do any ‘technical skills based training’ or offer ‘lessons’ as part of the school. Part of the reason we do this, is to allow students the time they need to process all that they’re learning through the school. By doing this, students come away with a far richer experience, a deeper relationship with God and a stronger foundation on which they can build a successful arts ministry upon.